Wild Border Watersheds


A database of information resources on the transboundary region’s ecology, cultures and industrial proposals. Use the search tools below to find the resources you are looking for.

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Wildlife Resources

Written In Stone

A film by Monty Bassett and Out Yonder Films chronicling the abundant wildlife on Todagin Mountain, the "Serengeti in the Sky", and Tahltan resistance to the development of Imperial Metals' Red Chris Mine, which threatens the cultural and ecological values on the mountain. 

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On The Edge: British Columbia’s Unprotected Transboundary Species

A report describing the great importance of transboundary ecosystems and species in B.C., the alarming number of such ecosystems and species that are at risk, and the need for greater protections for them – both internally in B.C. and via improved collaboration with neighbouring jurisdictions.

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Grizzly Bear Population Inventory & Monitoring Across the Skeena Region of British Columbia

The Skeena Region represents almost one-third of British Columbia, including the transboundary region, and includes 15 grizzly bear population units. Due to the general lack of baseline information about populations and associated trends, there is no comprehensive plan for regional management of grizzly bear populations and habitats. This report by Clayton Apps, PhD, reviews and assesses current knowledge regarding grizzly bear populations across the region and provides a geographic prioritization of objectives pertaining to grizzly bear population inventory and monitoring.

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Eulachon: A Review of Biology and an Annotated Bibliography

An Alaska Fisheries Science Center review of available literature on eulachon intended to provide a platform for the research that is needed to fill in the many gaps in understanding of this species.

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A Conservation Assessment and Resource Synthesis for The Coastal Forests and Mountains Ecoregion in the Tongass National Forest

A conservation assessment for the Coastal Forests and Mountains Ecoregion in Southeast Alaska, from Audubon Alaska and The Nature Conservancy. The Resource Synthesis section has extensive information on wildlife, birds and fish in SE Alaska.  

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Southeast Alaska Wolverine Study Progress Report

A report on wolverine research in southeast Alaska, undertaken by The Wolverine Foundation and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. 

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Wildlife Viewing Seasonal Calendar – Southeast Alaska

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