Wild Border Watersheds


A database of information resources on the transboundary region’s ecology, cultures and industrial proposals. Use the search tools below to find the resources you are looking for.

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Southeast Alaska Resources

Seabridge Gold’s KSM Project Risk Analysis: June 2015 - issue 2

A report by Earthworks and Salmon Beyond Borders that questions the economic feasibility of the proposed KSM mine on the Canada/US border. 

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Permitting of “Wet” Mine Tailings Impoundment Facilities in British Columbia and B.C.-Alaska Transboundary Watersheds

Statement of opposition by a large and diverse group of Canadians and Americans calling on the British Columbia government to halt the permitting of wet tailings facilities for new and proposed mines in B.C. based on the Independent Expert Panel recommendations on the Mount Polley mine tailings disaster.

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Water Is Life Video: the Stikine River

An Inside Passage Waterkeeper video showing how the clean, rich waters of the Stikine River feed the communities of Telegraph Creek, Wrangell, and Petersburg. 

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Video: Xboundary, from Salmon Beyond Borders

This video from Salmon Beyond Borders tells the important story of three rivers in British Columbia and Southeast Alaska that are in danger from mines frighteningly similar to Mount Polley.

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Salmon Beyond Borders

Salmon Beyond Borders provides information on the mining boom in northwest British Columbia that could threaten Southeast Alaska’s salmon, rivers, fishing and tourism jobs, and unique way of life.

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State of the Salmon

State of the Salmon (SoS) is a Wild Salmon Center program that builds knowledge across borders, linking a greater understanding of Pacific salmon to their improved management and conservation around the Pacific Rim.

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Southeast Alaska Salmon and Trout: A $1Billion Economic Engine

A Trout Unlimited report on the economic importance of salmon and trout to the economy of southeast Alaska. 

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A Conservation Assessment and Resource Synthesis for
The Coastal Forests and Mountains Ecoregion in the Tongass National Forest

A conservation assessment for the Coastal Forests and Mountains Ecoregion in Southeast Alaska, from Audubon Alaska and The Nature Conservancy. 

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Tongass National Forest

An informative US Forest Service website on the Tongass National Forest, the nation's largest national forest.

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The Salmon Project

The Salmon Project is about Alaskans deep, personal relationships with wild salmon.

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Wildlife Viewing Seasonal Calendar – Southeast Alaska

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