Wild Border Watersheds


A database of information resources on the transboundary region’s ecology, cultures and industrial proposals. Use the search tools below to find the resources you are looking for.

Photo Credit: Mark Connor

Climate Change Resources

A New Climate for Conservation: Nature, Carbon and Climate Change in British Columbia

A report by Dr. Jim Pojar exploring the role of nature conservation in a climate action strategy for ecological adaptation and ecological mitigation in British Columbia.

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Climate Change: Anticipated Effects on Ecosystem Services and Potential Actions by the Alaska Region, U.S. Forest Service

A U.S. Forest Service report that summarizes likely potential impacts from predicted climate change in southern Alaska, and suggests some possible responses that the Alaska Region could take to address this challenge.

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Climate Change and Canadian Mining: Opportunities for Adaptation

A David Suzuki Foundation report that documents and describes the vulnerability of the Canadian mining industry to climate change, highlights opportunities for adaptation, and examines experience with reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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