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Paddling the northern Tatshenshini River reveals nature’s spectacular splendour (The Calgary Herald)

The grizzly bear ambled nonchalantly toward the river and waded in. He hadn’t spotted the bright yellow raft heading straight into his path. After trawling across, he exited and energetically shook the water off, showcasing a body of sheer muscle that belied an otherwise soft appearance. With the sound of a camera clicking, the 400-pound bear’s eyes shot up, caught a glimpse of our raft and darted at high speed for the woods, leaving in its wake a mere plume of dust.

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How The Tatshenshini-Alsek Wilderness Avoided Mining Disaster (O.A.R.S.)

The Tatshenshini-Alsek ranks among the world’s top five wilderness river trips. It’s a scenic rival of Grand Canyon and it bisects North America’s most pristine wildlife region — a Jack London land of wolves and wolverines, moose and mountain goats and Dall sheep, and one of the world’s biggest population of grizzly bears.

Giant peaks 15,000 feet high gnawed at our vista. So many exist here that most guides cannot keep their names straight. One, however, everyone knows. Windy Craggy Mountain.

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