Wild Border Watersheds

To prevent future Mt. Polleys, BC must restore its professional public service (The Tyee)

Do you know what's going on in your own backyard? The B.C. government certainly doesn't.

In "An Engineer's Idea to Prevent Future Mount Polleys," published today on The Tyee, the notion of voluntary peer reviews is promoted as a means of preventing mining disasters similar to Mount Polley. More due diligence relating to approval of mining and other resource development projects is certainly needed, but the best approach is to ensure that government knows what is happening on Crown land.

The B.C. government has slashed professionals in the public service to the point where it doesn't have a full picture of what's happening. In a March 2014 report, the Professional Employees Association (PEA) demonstrated that the province has reduced its complement of scientific and technical professionals by 15 per cent since 2009.

Looking back to 2001, there are 25 per cent fewer professionals in the public service. In the report, the PEA warned that these reductions could threaten both public safety and the environment because of inadequate monitoring and inspections.

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