Wild Border Watersheds

The implications of “Duty to Consult” on Aboriginal resource development (Troy Media)

Written by Lee White, Senior Advisor with Good Medicine Group Consulting

....The Tahltan Central Council, which represents several bands with roughly 5,000 members, has unanimously passed a resolution to protect the Sacred Headwaters from any development – forever. The same area was subject to coal-bed methane exploration and drilling by Shell Oil which ended favourably for the Tahltan and their Sacred Headwaters.

"The Tahltan have been very progressive in engaging with mining companies within their traditional territory, and have been very clear on how this relationship needs to take place. Consultation must begin before exploration," said Marc Storms, Founder of GMG Consulting, who began working in Tahltan territory in 1993. "There are mines in the Tahltan territory, but some things are off the table. The Sacred Headwaters and Mt. Klappan have always been off the table. This area is held as sacred to the Tahltan people. Imagine trying to mine Mt. Sinai?"

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