Wild Border Watersheds

Stephen Hume: Political fallout from Mount Polley mine spill may come from U.S. (The Vancouver Sun)

Heads-up, here comes the political fallout from that huge tailings dam spill at Mount Polley.

The provincial government still doesn't appear to grasp the gravity of what this accident means in terms of real politik and the albatross that ideologically-driven environmental deregulation may yet prove for its resource strategy.

But consider the toxic plume of disbelief wafting across the border from Alaska.

A coalition of prominent interests there is taking high profile umbrage at B.C.'s pedal-to-the-metal, slash-the-red-tape mining agenda. Thursday it asked U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to invoke the Boundary Waters Treaty to prevent future downstream effects from accidents like the one at Mt. Polley.

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