Wild Border Watersheds

NTL powered up, critics and proponents wait to see if it lives up to its promise (The Vancouver Sun)

BC Hydro’s $736-million Northwest Transmission Line — much desired by B.C.’s mining industry, but controversial for going over budget and its lack of public review — has been turned on.

It wasn’t like flipping a switch, but more of a gradual process that started in mid June as the utility began powering up, bringing to life a new high-voltage substation at Bob Quinn, 344 km north of Terrace, and tying in AltaGas’ 195-megawatt run-of-river independent power project. By July 15, the line was fully electrified.

But only time will tell whether it is an enterprising bid to unlock some $18-billion worth of investment in new mines along the corridor or a costly experiment in promoting economic development.

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