Wild Border Watersheds

David Suzuki’s grandson brings star power to Sacred Headwaters fight over Imperial Metals (Vancouver Observer)

While TV cameras focused their lenses on the 100-plus arrests on Burnaby Mountain last month, at the same time, a very similar Kinder-Morgan-style drama was playing out in a remote alpine area of northwest B.C. known as the Sacred Headwaters.

That’s where Tahltan First Nations Elders called the Klabona Keepers, who are self-proclaimed guardians of that pristine wilderness, were hit in late November with a court order granted to Imperial Metals.  The injunction forbids the mine opponents from continuing to interfere with the $600-million Red Chris copper and gold mine that intends operate for 30 years.

But rallying to raise money for the Elders' legal defence is David Suzuki’s grandson, Tamo Campos – who came to recent public attention after his arrest on Burnaby Mountain.  The young man is also quickly gaining a reputation for the same oratory skills of his famous grandfather.

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